"Ghoulish": Australian company turns IVF embryos into jewelry

A company in Australia is facing scrutiny from conservatives after a Wednesday article revealed that they were turning unused embryos from in-vitro fertilization into “sacred art.”

The Australian parenting blog Kidspot highlighted Baby Bee Hummingbirds, an enterprise started by Amy McGlade in 2014. McGlade’s company reportedly has made “over 4000 pieces of jewelry using breastmilk, placenta, hair, ashes, or cord stumps – including 50 made with embryos.”

The blog post featured a couple in New South Wales who didn’t know what to do with the embryos that remained after undergoing IVF treatment that led to the birth of their twins. The couple rightly considered them to be their babies, but “donation wasn’t an option, the annual storage fee was an added financial strain, and disposing of them unimaginable.”

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