Megyn Kelly’s no "journalist," she just wants to be a star

Now, for a reference point, there are “journalists” and there are “reporters.” Reporters are the people who go out and gather news. They talk to sources, scour data, follow lead after lead until they peel off all the layers of the onion. They aren’t concerned with TV hits or invites to the fanciest inside-the-Beltway parties. They just work.

Which brings us all the way around to Megyn Kelly. The pretty blonde who posed in sexy shots for GQ became a “star” of the presidential campaign cycle. Trump really disliked her, and she took every opportunity to bash him on her daily Fox show and at a presidential debate for which she was a host.

Her star rose so fast, in fact, that she walked away from Fox and took a multimillion-dollar deal with NBC (land of fake “journalist” Brian Williams). Since then, she’s been featured in the tabloids lounging on beautiful beaches and, of course, like any other “journalist,” walking the red carpet at the Met Gala, wearing hefty diamond earrings that cost more than your car.

The sky’s the limit for Ms. Kelly, the hottest of the new star “journalists,” they all say. But guess what? Her first interview is going to be with — not Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel or even Mr. Trump — the Kardashians, the Daily Mail reports. “The lambskin leather minidress she wore is Louis Vuitton and retails for $4,850.” Ah, doesn’t every reporter have one of those?

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