The left hates Mike Pence for loving his wife because they don't really think people can be evil

Because of these opposite views of human nature, Christians and secularists view discipline and boundaries far differently. For believers, these things are blessings that serve to restrain the worst parts of our nature. For secularists, these things are curses that deny the very goodness of human nature, insisting people need outside help to lead righteous lives.

In the mind of the Christian, Pence’s dining policy is helpful. Even if a Christian man doesn’t feel the slightest twinge of lust for the woman sitting across the table from him, he knows things can change. Loneliness, time, distance, alcohol, exhaustion, stress, or simply a bad day can easily accelerate the most dormant of his desires, especially if there is nothing to constrain them.

Likewise, men who get comfortable dining with other women sometimes become men who get comfortable spending time with other women, and they sometimes become men who get comfortable spending naked time with other women. So it’s wise to have a better insurance policy than “I’ll just hope I never change my mind about staying faithful,” the same insurance policy that’s failed millions of men and women throughout history.

For those who believe in man’s inherent goodness, however, Pence’s policy is an unwarranted accusation against the inherent goodness of their hearts.