Could Michael Flynn turn on Trump?

Democrats want to know why it took weeks for Trump to dismiss Flynn after he learned that Flynn lied to Pence and others. “The question for you, Mr. President, is why you waited so long to act after you learned Flynn (through your VP) had misled the country?” Adam Schiff, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted this morning in reply to Trump. Schiff also noted that Yates could shed light on the key questions surrounding Flynn’s call with Kislyak. “The public should learn a lot more about WHY General Flynn wants immunity when Sally Yates testifies before the House Intelligence Committee,” Schiff said. Last week, Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, cancelled a hearing, scheduled for Tuesday, at which Yates was to testify, and the two congressmen have been negotiating whether and when it will be rescheduled.

Why Trump would encourage an immunity deal for Flynn is puzzling. Some commentators suggested that Flynn wants immunity to testify before Congress because it could complicate any Justice Department case against him. Alex Whiting, at the Just Security blog, noted that Flynn’s lawyer may be hoping that “Flynn gets immunity, his testimony in Congress gets aired and reported everywhere, and it becomes virtually impossible for prosecutors to bring a case against him.” This could be the ploy that Trump is hoping for, and it will be worth watching to see whether Nunes agrees that Flynn should testify before the House with a grant of immunity.