Why in the world would Democrats want President Trump removed from office?

While liberals are busy reacting like a school girl at a boy band concert over the apparent “Mike Flynn May Have Flipped on Trump” story, let’s stay for a moment in the semi-rational world of things we actually know, as opposed to things that some are desperately hoping will come to be. If liberals had the discipline to stay in the realm of reality, they might actually see that Donald Trump somehow being forced from office — while a fun fantasy — may actually be the worst thing that could possibly happen for them.

Of all of my many objections to the Trump candidacy, the one which I felt most strongly about was that, in the long term, a Trump presidency would be worse for conservatism and the country than even a Hillary Clinton presidency would likely have been. I also felt that we conservatives would pay FAR too high a price (in the form of lost principles and credibility) to warrant the relatively meager short-term gains we would likely reap from the improbable victory of a person I view as liberal conman.

While there is (seemingly) a long way to go in the Trump presidency, these concerns are in the process of being completely vindicated.