White House ponders reorganization after health care debacle

In interviews over the last week, several senior aides said they were carefully examining how the beleaguered administration functions as they weigh possible fixes. Among the top concerns: The circular firing squad continually playing out in the press pitting top aides against one another — a dynamic that one senior adviser described as increasingly unsustainable.

“It will have to either stop or there will have to be decisions made,” this person said, hinting that more serious changes would be made if the incessant shooting doesn’t end…

Some aides said they were waiting to see how April unfolds. Within the highest levels of the administration, the coming month is seen as a critical one, with Trump’s team preparing for a visit from Chinese President Xi Jinping, the expected confirmation vote of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, and the possible launch of tax and infrastructure packages.

“We’re going to keep adjusting until we figure out how to get it right and successful and I think that sometimes it comes from things that we do by changing things organizationally,” said one senior administration official, adding, “Where we are today is way more advanced than what we were 60 days ago. And where we’ll be 60 days from now will be way more advanced.”