Poll: Democrats say their leaders should not compromise with Trump

The question asks Americans to indicate on a five-point scale their preference for how Democrats should work with Trump. On this scale, “1” represents the belief that it is important for Democratic leaders to compromise to get things done and “5” represents the belief that it is important for leaders to stick to their principles even if little gets done.

Taken as a whole, Americans are about evenly split on the issue — with 38% putting themselves at the end of the scale favoring Democratic compromise (“2” or “1”) and 36% putting themselves at the other, sticking-to-principles end of the scale (“4” or “5”).

This split at the national level masks strong partisan differences, with 57% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents saying their congressional leaders should stick to principles even if little gets done, and another 27% adopting the neutral, middle position — leaving 15% who favor compromise. On the other hand, 69% of Republicans and Republican leaners say Democratic leaders should compromise, with 12% saying these leaders should stick to their beliefs.