Trans women are not, and will never will be, “real women.”

Times – they are a’changing. Many universities now insist its professors refer to students by their “preferred gender pronouns.” Teenage boys have been told that if they’re uncomfortable changing clothes in front of girls that they should withdraw from school and be homeschooled. The AP Stylebook now states that “third-person plural pronouns are preferred by some transgender or gender fluid individuals who say they are not comfortable with traditional male or female pronouns.” We’ve reached an unprecedented level of ridiculousness, where we are catering to a few individuals to the point of absurdity at the expense of the majority.

Worse, there’s a creeping expectation that we should deny biological reality to avoid hurting the feelings of people like Riley J. Dennis, a self-described “intersectional feminist, activist, queer, trans, nonbinary lesbian.”

Riley, in conjunction with the website Everyday Feminism, regularly releases a series of YouTube videos called Feminism with Riley. In one video, Riley made the argument that gender and sex are two different things, and that gender is a social construct. Clearly, there are people with gender dysphoria, whose gender identities don’t match their biological sex. Regardless of what Riley and others like Riley would have us believe, though, this is a deviation from normal.