The news media is directly responsible for the outrageous ‘undercover Planned Parenthood’ charges

Conservatives are outraged today that two “pro-life” activists have now been charged in California with 15 felonies in connection with their sting operation on Planned Parenthood. There is good reason to be incensed at the arbitrary/dubious enforcement of the law and the overtly politically-motivated over-charging of two people who seem to be, at least morally, on the “good” side here (recording private conversations vs. apparently trying to sell human body parts).

After all, California is obviously an extremely “pro-choice” state and the attorney general is a very liberal Democrat. Similar charges in Texas (not so liberal) didn’t stick, so it certainly appears as if pure politics has played a significant role in how this case has been handled by the legal system.

But there is another very important element of why California felt comfortable pursuing this case with such extreme vigor. That is their total confidence that the mainstream news media will support, or at least not push back against, them on this story.