North Korea flips out after McCain calls Kim Jong-Un a ‘crazy fat kid’

GOP Sen. John McCain managed to get a rise out of the North Korean regime by calling their Supreme Leader a “crazy fat kid” earlier in March on TV.

The Korean Central News Agency accused the senator on Tuesday of hurting the dignity of the country and the supreme leadership of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The state-run outlet also criticized GOP Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and other conservative hawks for their efforts to re-list North Korea as a state-sponsor of terrorism.

McCain told MSNBC’s Greta van Susteren in an interview on March 22 that the “crazy fat kid that’s running North Korea” is far worse than some of history’s worst dictators. “He’s not rational, Greta,” he explained. “We’re not dealing even with someone like Joseph Stalin, who had a certain rationality to his barbarity.”

Cruz led the charge to re-designate North Korea as a state-sponsor of terrorism, introducing new legislation two weeks ago.