How the media smears black victims

On St. Patrick’s Day, Maryland white supremacist James Harris Jackson drove to New York City for the express purpose of killing black men, authorities say. After wandering around the city for a few days, he did just that, approaching Timothy Caughman, a 66-year-old African American, and repeatedly stabbing him in the chest with a 26-inch katana sword, according to police reports. As revelations about Jackson’s motives broke, two major New York outlets chose not to dig into the past of the 28-year-old suspect, but to smear the victim.

“[Caughman] has 11 prior arrests, including for marijuana, assault, resisting arrest and menacing,” the New York Daily News reported of the victim, after describing the assailant as “dapper.”

“Caughman, who has 11 prior arrests, walked for about a block after the stabbing and staggered into the Midtown South Precinct, looking for help,” the New York Post said. “Police sources said the career criminal was refusing to talk to police about the incident and acting combative before his death.”

“Career criminal” — this is how the seventh-largest paper in the U.S. saw fit to describe a hate crime victim mere hours after his slaying. The Daily News also bizarrely brought up the 2014 killing of NYPD police Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos in an attack attributed to Baltimore resident Ismaaiyl Brinsley, an African American. The implication being that these two crimes were, somehow, related.