If Ivanka Trump were a Democrat, she'd be a feminist hero

In concluding her article, Ryan acquiesces, “[Ivanka] embodies all of the reasons people who care about women should be taking a step back right now and asking themselves if this is the best way to go about achieving results, about how things need to change. Feminism cannot be both meaningful and meaningless.”

If this is true, what’s wrong with Ivanka? If anything, she should be a beacon of feminist light, a nepotism recipient just like the relatives of presidents before her, and a person whose security detail causes as much ruckus as former President Obama’s does. It seems asking the media to treat liberals and conservatives equally is pretty much a futile request. As a substitute, perhaps the media and Left can simply identify why they treat so duplicitously a woman who’s not even a conservative?

The party of tolerance is showing itself, yet again, to be the most intolerant. In many ways, Ivanka embraces some of their most prized issues: LGBTQ preferences, pay preferences for women, childbirth leave mandates, and it’s rumored she’s pro-choice. She’s also clearly a dedicated wife and mother, loved by her father, and at least open to many conservative concepts. So either liberals aren’t willing to applaud the stances Ivanka takes with which they otherwise claim to agree, are unable to accept that people are nuanced and complex, or just like to eat their own on occasion.