Freedom Caucus considers its next fight: Planned Parenthood (or not)

“Everybody’s pretty weary right now. I know I am,” Meadows (R-N.C.) said. “And so I think anytime that you’re weary, you’ve got to be careful about two things: One, making a poor decision, and the other is making a quick decision.”

He said the HFC would make a “very methodical decision” in the days and weeks to come on the continuing resolution (CR) and that Planned Parenthood funding would be one of the things conservatives look at. But he made it clear that he was still thinking about the health care bill…

The Freedom Caucus, like Congress itself, has a long list of hurdles for the remainder of the year. Former chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) laid out a busy schedule Monday night of dealing with the CR, then the budget, then tax reform, then individual appropriations bills, then the infrastructure bill, then another spending bill, and then the debt ceiling.

But Jordan also mentioned that he could see a border and defense supplemental becoming part of the CR, raising the possibility that the Freedom Caucus will draw that as their hard line, potentially threatening a government shutdown over Democratic objections about funding a border wall but perhaps winning over one newfound critic: President Donald Trump.