Survey: Half in U.S. are now concerned global warming believers

With a record number of Americans sounding the alarm on global warming, the share of the U.S. population that Gallup categorizes as “Concerned Believers” on climate change has consequently reached a new high of 50%. This is up slightly from 47% in 2016 but is well above the 37% recorded only two years ago.

While the half of Americans classified as Concerned Believers take global warming very seriously, the other half are split between what Gallup calls “Cool Skeptics” and the “Mixed Middle.” The percentages of Americans falling into these last two groups have declined in recent years as the ranks of Concerned Believers have swelled.

Once the largest category of Americans on global warming, the Mixed Middle has ratcheted down from a recent high of 45% in 2012 and now ranks second, at 31%. Cool Skeptics have always been the smallest global warming segment, but at 19%, their numbers are diminished from 26% in 2015 and the high point of 28% in 2010.