Here’s the easiest way Trump can get back to winning

And though a large infrastructure spending plan wouldn’t be prudent and might not pass muster with the GOP, it could plausibly win Democratic support and bring back Trump’s self-image as a deal-making, can-do president who cares more about creating jobs than stale partisan talking points. Even a small infrastructure bill would enable him to present himself this way.

The president should savor and play up the other likely wins that are coming his way. Getting Neil Gorsuch seated on the Supreme Court will count as a massive victory for Trump, and he should treat it as such. Filling up the many circuit court vacancies with Gorsuch-type judges will ease his agenda going forward. He should focus on getting these judges seated quickly.

Instead of whining about his enemies in the press, the troller-in-chief should vex them by talking up his successes. He should be out on the stump boasting about the damage he’s already done to Obama’s one-man directives. He could make more of nixing Obama’s climate-change policies. He could brag about approving the Keystone XL pipeline and give a speech near the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is about to start distributing oil.