Cosmopolitan hates for women to orgasm if men enjoy it too

So if everyone is enjoying themselves, what is there to complain about? The question answers itself. Everyone is enjoying themselves, and even worse, they’re enjoying themselves together. It’s the ultimate win-win, and we can’t let that happen.

The neo-Puritanism of today’s feminism is a product of its adoption of the ideological framework of Marxism. What contemporary feminism imported from Marx was the notion that everything in the world is a class struggle. Always and everywhere, there is a class of oppressors and a class of victims, and the relationship between them is inherently adversarial. What one gains the other loses.

That outlook is now thoroughly suffused through the feminist movement. The giveaway in this report is when Smothers worries that “When women’s orgasms begin to serve as a masculinity achievement for male partners, the orgasms cease to be about women’s liberation.” Be careful, ladies, because you don’t want to end up having an orgasm that’s not about women’s liberation. This sounds like a real-life version of an old Woody Allen gag about having the wrong kind of orgasm.