The Democrats’ ditch is only getting deeper

Democrats in Congress are digging themselves a ditch that keeps getting deeper. There’s no good fight to be had on Judge Neil Gorsuch, they’re getting steamrolled on repealing and replacing Obamacare, and their base has lurched to the far left, fully outside their grasp. The result? An out-of-touch leadership that can’t stop babbling. And for all the Trump administration’s miscues, Democrats haven’t laid a glove on the president. They couldn’t appear any weaker.

On Monday, Gorsuch presented himself as a consensus-builder, a true jurist. He continued yesterday, describing himself as nothing less than “a fair judge.” But liberals are overreaching in trying to paint him as a judicial tyrant, an anti-working-class villain. All they are doing is posing for the angry left. They aren’t even attempting to block Gorsuch’s confirmation. Doing so would be a pointless exercise. Rather, they are just trying to get on the record as “resisting” President Trump.