Study: Senate can repeal Obamacare's regulations through reconciliation, with only 51 votes

President Trump pledged during the presidential campaign to deliver legislation that “fully repeals Obamacare.” By forcing the House to a vote on a bill that does not repeal the health insurance regulations that are the driving force behind the Affordable Care Act’s skyrocketing premiums and low-quality coverage, Republican leaders are abandoning the president’s pledge. The leadership bill would only modify those regulations. As a result, the Congressional Budget Office projects, it would increase premiums 15-20 percent above their already-high levels and leave more people uninsured than full repeal would.

House leaders claim Senate rules require a 60-vote supermajority to repeal the regulations, which Republicans do not have. So they crafted a bill they say can pass the Senate with a simple, 51-vote majority.

That explanation holds less water than a leaky bucket.

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