Republicans could pay a price for ditching Trump — even if he’s unpopular

President Trump’s private warning that 2018 could be a “bloodbath” if Republicans don’t make good on his promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act may sound like hyperbole, but Republicans thinking of crossing him shouldn’t laugh it off. Just ask Rep. Martha Roby.

A year ago, Roby was viewed as a rising star in Alabama Republican politics. Elected to Congress in 2010 at the age of 34, the former Montgomery City Councilwoman quickly impressed her GOP colleagues, who chose her for a coveted slot on the House Appropriations Committee. In 2014, she won re-election with 67 percent of the vote, and in March 2016, she crushed primary challenger Becky Gerritson, founder of the Wetumpka TEA Party, with 66 percent.

But last October, after the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tape, Roby withdrew her presidential endorsement: “Donald Trump’s behavior makes him unacceptable as a candidate for president, and I won’t vote for him,” she declared.

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