Three ObamaCare replace myths

Conservatives believe in truth—embracing myths in public policy can be disastrous. Three myths about replacing ObamaCare must be dispelled or replacement will fail. The first myth is that replacing ObamaCare creates a “new” entitlement to universal healthcare or health insurance that did not previously exist. The second myth—cutting funding for coverage means that society saves money. The third—Republican politics demand a paltry replacement or none at all.

Congress has entitled Americans to healthcare whether or not admitted. I know this from years working in a hospital for the uninsured, watching as asthmatics, diabetics, heart failure patients, drug overdoses and schizophrenics came as long as doors were open. Congress created the Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Tricare, Indian Health Services and Ryan White entitlement programs to pay for coverage and treatment. The tax code subsidizes the purchase of employer based insurance to the tune of about $3.6 trillion over 10 years. The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) says that the uninsured can go to any emergency room to be seen, treated and admitted to the hospital if need be. Congress has already created an entitlement to universal healthcare.