GOP lawmakers in Clinton districts weigh health-care vote

Democrats are targeting these 23 Republicans—eight of whom are from California—in their long-shot efforts to take back the House. Clinton carried half of these districts by at least five points. And while most of these Republicans significantly outperformed Trump, some, like San Diego-area Rep. Darrell Issa, won by razor-thin margins.

Issa told RCP he is still undecided about the legislation, which is still being tweaked, and said the impact on mental illness coverage under Medicaid was a concern for his constituents. The California congressman said he also wanted to make certain the projected rise in the number of uninsured Americans—24 million over a decade, according to CBO report—would be largely attributable to people choosing not to purchase insurance, and not because they were getting kicked off a plan.

Clinton won Issa’s district by 7.5 points, and the congressman was re-elected by about half a percentage point. “I campaigned for Marco Rubio, then I supported Trump, and I won my district,” he said. “So my view is, my district trusts me. But they trust me to listen thoroughly and ask for answers.

“Is Obamacare collapsing if we do nothing? Yes,” he said. But, “I’ve got to be comfortable that the fix accomplishes many of the things it says.”

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