Tomi Lahren’s incoherent abortion flip-flop smells of opportunism

Who is Tomi Lahren, and do her viewpoints matter? One America News Network offered Tomi her own show fresh after her college graduation because she had strong conservative views, sounded articulate, and looks attractive. “On Point with Tomi Lahren” first aired when she was 21. It wasn’t because she held advanced degrees or had vast amounts of life experience. Even she admitted she’d gone to the network looking for an internship, not to host her own show. Eventually, she moved to The Blaze to host “Tomi.”

Since then, clips of Tomi’s show that typically involve a yelled monologue frequently go viral. She’s not necessarily an anomaly in the conservative world, unfortunately. With bleach-blonde hair and a penchant for wearing attire that looks more like lingerie, she’s a prettier, less-educated, slightly less unhinged but just as caustic version of Ann Coulter.

We’ve seen this movie before, but some people can’t stop watching. Her savvy use of her platform to attack prominent figures and memes has prompted an invitation to “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah and, after one appearance on Fox News, President Trump called to thank her for her “fair coverage.”

Yet, as “The View’s” Sunny Hostin said to Lahren in soft-pitching her the opportunity to make headlines by skewering Lahren’s own fanbase with a triumphant smirk, if “68 percent of conservative Republicans think abortion should not be legal across the board,” what does Lahren gain from these comments? It’s certainly not credibility with her current audience, or even with the majority of Americans, which supports at least highly restricted abortion access.

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