Comey confronts an angry Congress

Key lawmakers in both parties say they will demand that the FBI director clear up, once and for all, Trump’s explosive claim that President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower in the run-up to the election, according to interviews with more than a half-dozen members of the intelligence panel.

Democrats on the committee — still smarting over Comey’s double cameo in the election that even some Trump allies acknowledge gave Trump a big boost — are hoping it will amount to a stinging rebuke for the president from a trusted member of his own executive branch.

No matter what he says, the controversy-prone FBI director is guaranteed to anger one side or the other.

If he goes mum, he would open himself to charges of hypocrisy from congressional Democrats, after Comey’s pre-election announcement that the FBI had discovered new Clinton-related emails and was reviewing them. The emails ultimately did not change the FBI’s recommendation not to pursue criminal charges.