The resistance cheers tactics Trump will likely use against them

Monday will be a moment of truth for the assortment of President Donald Trump’s critics who like to call themselves “the resistance.” FBI director James Comey and National Security Agency head Admiral Michael Rogers are scheduled to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Russia’s influence of the 2016 election. Let’s hope we get some much-needed answers on what the government knows about Trump’s associates and their ties to the Russian government.

Since the summer, Democrats and their allies in the press have pushed the theory that the Russian state has undue influence over Trump and that his campaign may have colluded with Moscow to hack the election. It’s a grave charge. If true, the president should be impeached.

Trump won the election, but the allegations about the Russia connection have hobbled his young presidency. General Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, is gone. Jeff Sessions, his attorney general, has had to recuse himself from all Trump-related investigations. There are now multiple probes in Congress.