Let it die? How the GOP could just wait for Obamacare to "collapse"

But some actually think collapse-and-replace is the best of the many bad options for the GOP. Another GOP strategist who was also granted anonymity to speak candidly said the GOP has backed itself into a corner and may have to embrace the idea.

“It’s not crazy,” the second strategist said. “It’s a desperate strategy, but they’re in a desperate situation.”

And there’s an argument to be made that it’s not really letting Obamacare die, per se, but rather allowing people time to realize just how unworkable it is — because right now there doesn’t appear to be the urgency the GOP needs to actually pass their alternative.

Support for Obamacare is actually on the upswing, but perhaps skyrocketing premiums and more insurers pulling out of the exchanges would reverse that trend. And maybe Democrats, as Graham argues, would come begging to help the GOP pass a replacement if their constituents start demanding Congress do something. (Democrats, of course, would argue that Obamacare isn’t dying and will never actually collapse, but plenty of them have acknowledged it needs to be reformed in certain ways.)