That'll show Trump: Dems propose measure to condemn "fake news"

“The President must immediately acknowledge his support of the First Amendment and express his support for United States democracy,” the resolution, H. Res. 191, reads. “The United States should continue being a democracy, not an autocracy.”

The resolution condemning fake news and misinformation ignores that the United States is not a direct democracy. It can more accurately be characterized as a “constitutional federal representative democracy,” according to American law professor Eugene Volokh.

The House resolution, titled “Opposing fake news and alternative facts,” added, “White House spokespersons should not issue fake news … and White House spokespersons who offer alternative or inaccurate facts should retract their statements immediately.”

Though these Democratic lawmakers aren’t wrong to accuse Trump’s team of engaging in the spread of half-truths and straight-up falsehoods, let’s be honest about what this House resolution really is. It’s not about keeping Trump in check. It’s showboating for the fans. It’s about feeding the desire to see Trump’s team trolled and mocked.

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