University of Minnesota drops homecoming "king" and "queen," replaces with genderless "royals"

“This change allows the University to select the best student representatives for the U of M based on campus and community involvement — regardless of gender,” the website states.

Indeed, the entire Homecoming Court at U-Minn. will follow the same concept.

“As in past years, the U will name 10 students to Homecoming court, only this year the mix won’t necessarily be five men and five women. Those 10 will be paired at random to compete in pre-Homecoming events, and their performance, along with a university-wide vote, will determine the two royals,” the Pioneer Press reports.

Allyson Taubenheim, the marketing manager for the university’s Student Unions & Activities, told The College Fix via email that moving forward for the October 2017 festivities, “King and Queen will not be titles — U of M students will be crowned as ‘Royals.’”