Trump looks to woo conservatives on Obamacare repeal, but risks losing moderates

Conservatives are unlikely to get everything they want, however: Two officials, along with others briefed on the plan on Capitol Hill, said the White House is not wavering on supporting tax credits for people to buy insurance — even though conservatives had panned them as a new “entitlement program.”

The manager’s amendments are likely to bring additional savings, according to the White House officials, and would help the plan get through the House, where the Freedom Caucus has lined up opposition against the plan. But it would likely make passage in the Senate more difficult, several Capitol Hill officials said. That’s because many Senate Republicans — and more than a few House GOP lawmakers — hail from states that took the Medicaid expansion, and they’re unlikely to support a quick phase-out of the expanded program.

“The problem with that is you’ve got a lot of our members in the more blue states that accepted the expansion,” said Trump Hill ally Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.). “It puts a lot more pressure on the states for costs.”

Collins said the White House is “very open” to amendments, and he’s looking to make one himself that involves New York.

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