Can White House bowling heal GOP divisions and spare the health care bill?

“You know I’m not a bowler,” said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., when asked if he’d be bowling at the White House. I’m going over next Tuesday for pizza and policy — is what I’m calling it — at the bowling alley. How about that?”

Meadows is chairman of the Freedom Caucus, and with a slight Southern drawl, he chooses his words carefully. He went to the White House last Thursday for a meeting with the president and several other congressional conservatives.

“Anytime that you’re with the president of the United States, you feel like you’re with a guy that you’ve known for years,” said Meadows a few hours later.

Count him as charmed, but not sold. He gives the president an A-plus for listening. The question, though, is whether he’ll see any changes to the legislation that reflect his concerns and those of others in his caucus.