Trump's tweets turn opposition into armchair psychologists

The pattern repeated itself last Saturday when Trump accused President Obama of surveilling him with a wiretap. Democrats responded in lockstep:

Sen. Al Franken: “President Trump is trying to distract Americans from the facts…”


Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “He’s trying to find a way to distract the press and to distract the American people.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal: “Trump tweets designed to distract from Russian election meddling…”

Sen. Dick Durbin: “Trump tweets are an effort to distract from real issues.”

Sen. Michael Bennet: “The President should stop these absurd attempts to distract from the real oversight needed on Russian interference.”

Sen. Chris Coons: “I think President Trump is trying to distract us from whether or not there was collusion between the Trump campaign and our last presidential election.”

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