That Asian mom in the viral BBC video is not the nanny. Why do so many people assume she is?

Why did so many people immediately assume she was the nanny?

“People fell back on stereotypes,” said Phil Yu, a blogger at Angry Asian Man.

He said he’d first seen the video when his wife sent it to him. He tweeted about it — “This is the single best video in the history of white men talking about Korea” — and said he started getting responses to the effect of, “Did you notice how many people assume that woman is the nanny?”

“That hadn’t occurred to me,” he said. “It was so clearly the terrified parents.”

“There are stereotypes of Asian women as servile, as passive, as fulfilling some kind of service role,” he continued. “People were quick to make that assumption.”

And Asian moms aren’t alone in being the victims of such assumptions.

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