Poll: Majority optimistic that Trump will make U.S. prosperous

A majority of Americans are optimistic that President Donald Trump can do a good job of making the country prosperous, but they are divided on whether he can improve energy policies, and most think he will do a poor job of protecting the environment. On all three issues, Americans are less optimistic about Trump than they were about George W. Bush or Barack Obama in the early days of their presidencies.

Trump has been less popular in general than either Bush or Obama at the start of their terms in office. His favorability ratings have been lower, as have his job approval ratings. Trump’s 45% job rating in January was the lowest initial job reading for any president in Gallup polling dating back to 1953.

High expectations for Bush and Obama were somewhat dampened by the end of their terms. For both presidents, more Americans were likely to expect them to do a good job on the environment, energy or prosperity as they took office than wound up thinking they had done so by the end of their presidencies.

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