Pence to stump for health-care overhaul in Kentucky, home of prominent GOP critics

Kentucky is home to Sen. Rand Paul, a leading Republican critic of the health-care bill now navigating the House, which Paul labels “ObamaCare-lite.” “Conservatives across the land do not like [House Speaker] Paul Ryan’s proposal,” Paul said on Fox News Friday night. “It keeps the subsidies, keeps the taxes, keeps the mandate and actually has an insurance company bailout in it,” he argued. “ObamaCare is a disaster … But the only thing that’s really united us over time is repeal. And if ObamaCare-lite is the replacement, conservatives aren’t going to accept it.”

Kentucky’s Republican Gov. Matt Bevin said Friday he supports the repeal and replace plan but, like Paul, “is not impressed with what has currently been offered.” Pence’s trip will include a tour of an energy company with Bevin as well as a listening session with local business leaders. Earlier this month, he made similar trips to Wisconsin and Ohio.

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