Breaking down the BBC video of a father being interrupted by his children

Ignore the baby in the doorway, which is the most hilarious moment in one’s first viewing (but not necessarily on subsequent viewings; there’s just too much good stuff here to compete). I love Kelly’s smile here.

Look, I just explained in the last section that he is utterly mortified. Worse, the very foundation of his ego is at stake — he is appearing as an expert on the BBC and his kids are screwing it up. And yet, in this smile, you can see a father’s unadulterated love for his first-born — a daughter no less. That increases said love twofold. He knows the interview is already a mess, but he loves her, and I love Professor Kelly for it.

Also, his daughter DGAF. She just got the hand and reacted not with shock but by playing with her pen. She is awesome.