House Rules chairman Pete Sessions says Sean Spicer should stay “in his lane” on health care bill

Some Democrats interpreted this to mean that an “open rule” would be approved by the Rules Committee, which would allow all members to offer their own amendments to change the health care bill once it gets to the House floor. This determination that has not yet been made by Republicans on the committee, but the prospect — and Spicer’s comments — thrilled Democrats.

“We are very excited to hear this news,” Rep. Louise Slaughter, the committee’s ranking Democrat said during Wednesday’s committee hearing. “That translates to an open rule, might be the first we’ve had.”

Rep. Jim McGovern, another Democrat, later put the question to Sessions, saying: “Under your definition of ‘every member’ would Democrats be included in that?”

Sessions was quick to shoot down the idea. “That is in an entirely different article of the Constitution and I appreciate him providing this,” Sessions said of Spicer, adding that he and the White House had not discussed the procedure for the health care bill at all — much less whether Democrats and Republicans would be able to amend the bill when it comes up for a vote in the full House.

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