Poll: Two-thirds of US adults support boycotting brands over politics

Many popular brands have recently come under fire for taking a firm stance on a hot-button issue. The consequences can be seen on Twitter, where feeds are filled with trending hashtags, such as #BoycottStarbucks and #GrabYourWallet.

Recent YouGov data suggests that this frenzy of social media activism shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the clear majority of US adults (67%) support boycotting a brand due to conflicting political views. Furthermore, 59% of Americans concur that they would boycott a brand’s products or services if they strongly disagreed with the brand’s stance on a particular social issue.

Additional data shows that interest in various social issues is growing. Between November 2016 and February 2017, for example, 31% of US adults increased their level of support for a specific cause. The issues that gained the most backing during this time period were immigration, women’s rights, diversity and inclusion, education, and the environment.

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