Former classmates: Why we support Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court

From the days we first met Neil when we attended Harvard Law School to today, Neil Gorsuch’s decency and character have always been unmistakable. Neil’s intellectual curiosity, respect for divergent opinions, diversity of interests, willingness to consider all sides of an issue, generosity of spirit and genuine caring and interest in others have remained consistent.

Neil was a superb student who received numerous academic awards. Yet Neil was always interested in the views, feedback and comments of everyone in our class, regardless of their class standing, political philosophy or background.

This diverse group’s unanimous support for Judge Neil Gorsuch is not unique. Neil sailed through Senate confirmation to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in about two months on a voice vote in 2006, when President Bush’s other circuit nominees faced controversy, and even filibusters, recess appointments, the Gang of Fourteen deal and razor-thin confirmations. We respect and understand the hard feelings of many in the Senate given the election outcome and the handling of President Obama’s appointment of Judge Merrick Garland. Yet we also hope that all Senators can appreciate that Neil Gorsuch deserves to be considered on his own merits; indeed, press reports have indicated that Judge Gorsuch called Judge Garland immediately upon receiving the nomination, a gracious and sympathetic act that is characteristic of the man we know.

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