Why does Cedric Richmond get a pass for lewd comments about Kellyanne Conway?

Several days later the New York Times interviewed a number of feminist political operatives and academics, in addition to quoting a tweet by Chelsea Clinton, all deploring the double standard Conway has experienced and the treatment of women in politics in general. That’s how every mainstream outlet should have handled the incident, though few others thought it merited even a mention.

This election season was for many Republican women a gut-check about the degree our leaders, both political and spiritual, actually believe in the ideals we profess. In the era of Trump, liberals and feminists should be doing the same self-evaluation of their own camp.

This “on her knees” comment from a sitting Democratic lawmaker was largely ignored by the liberal media and those who consume it. This comment is just one of many recent incidents of sexism aimed in Conway’s direction, justified because she’s a traitor to her gender, as many feminists have claimed; a female Uncle Tom. Instead of being applauded for her groundbreaking work as a campaign manager on the biggest upset political campaign in American history, Conway is fodder for attacks on her looks and sexuality, often at the hands of individuals who claim to be feminists.

Our president may have a history of misogyny, but it’s becoming increasingly clear many of those in the resistance against him are merely fair-weather feminists: happy to wage or at best ignore attacks on women based on their sex because they think it’s fair to attack the president at any cost.

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