Poll: Public splits on revoking individual mandate

Overall, 50% oppose removing the requirement to obtain coverage or pay a penalty, while 48% favor it.

A broad majority, 87%, support maintaining Obamacare’s protections for those with pre-existing conditions, and 61% are opposed to a replacement bill that would curb funding for the expansion of the Medicaid program implemented under the ACA.

Shifting tax credits from an income-based system to one that’s driven by age, another idea incorporated in the new proposal, also divides the public, with 46% in favor and 50% opposed. And a new provision, mentioned by President Donald Trump in his address to Congress last week, to allow insurers to sell coverage in any state regardless of where they are licensed generates greater support, with 66% in favor and 31% opposed.

The partisan divide on replacement provisions is sharpest on Medicaid funding, with 74% of Democrats opposed to curbs on federal funds for the program and 49% of Republicans in favor.

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