Can we please be really truly done with Hillary?

“But we need Hillary Clinton!” scream her adoring acolytes. Do you? For what? To tweet snarky quips at Trump? There are plenty of others who tweet sick burns at him, and do it far better. After Elizabeth Warren was reprimanded by the Senate for her personal attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Hillary tweeted: “ ‘She was warned, she was given an explanation, still she persisted.’ So must we all.”

Wow, really makes you think.

But Hillary doesn’t need to be just another “pussyhat” wearing resister. She isn’t leading the opposition; she didn’t even attend the Women’s March on Washington during Trump’s inauguration — though she did attend the inauguration. Twitter lets Hillary stay in the public eye even when she’s not doing much. A critical tweet fired off every few days gets her just enough publicity so that no one forgets her.

It’s possible she has goals other than her own fame and fortune. There have been hints that Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for political office. Soft-focus articles have been appearing about her political awakening since the election. But this continued presence of Team Clinton in the public sphere isn’t good for anyone except the Clintons.

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