But he folds! Five big fights where Trump is backing down

3) Not tearing up the Iran deal.

On the stump, Trump promised to tear up the Obama administration’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran. He has since dropped that language, reverting to talking about imposing sanctions to enforce the deal, which is not exactly a break from the previous administration. Moreover, when a French ambassador recently expressed concern that the United States wanted to dump the deal, Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson denied it.

You could argue, as some are now doing, that there aren’t a lot of good alternatives to the Iran deal short of a massive bombing campaign against the country’s hidden nuclear facilities. Or, less plausibly, you could argue that we are in greater need of Iran’s cooperation against ISIS in Syria. But those are the kind of ordinary, pragmatic calculations we expect from wimpy establishment types. You know, the kind of people who now seem to be running the administration’s foreign policy.

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