Trump’s "enemies" in the media are getting rich off him

But Colbert quickly rebounded and made “Late Show” the center of the late-night Resistance. He has now beaten the content-free comic Jimmy Fallon of “The Tonight Show” four weeks in a row in overall viewership, and for a simple reason: He does 40 percent more Trump jokes than the average of Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show,” reports S. Robert Lichter, who tracks such things for George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs. (Fallon continues to enjoy a lead over Colbert in the 18-49 bracket, which is more important in the industry than the overall viewership.)

CNN? Up more than 50 percent in the 25-54 demographic this year over last. MSNBC? Up more than 30 percent. Fox News is up over 50 percent as well. Guess what all three networks have in common?

Vanity Fair says its subscriptions had a record-setting day after it earned itself a derogatory tweet from the Media Critic in Chief. The New York Times said subscriptions were up tenfold in the final weeks of 2016 compared with the same period in 2015, and it added 276,000 digital subscribers in its best quarter since it started charging for them. The Wall Street Journal saw a 300 percent spike in subscriptions the day after Trump’s victory.

Not by coincidence, most of the above entities have abandoned neutrality when it comes to Trump. Openly taking sides is turning out to be a very profitable tactic.

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