Liberal protesters' next target: Thwarting Gorsuch

But significant public pushback against Gorsuch this month would ramp up the pressure on Democrats who right now are more focused on defending Obamacare and investigating Trump’s ties to Russia than on the Supreme Court.

Anti-Trump strategists say the Democratic base is prepared to step up the resistance to Gorsuch.
“Stopping a Supreme Court nominee means demonstrating to Democrats that their base doesn’t want them cooperating with Donald Trump,” Ben Wikler, Washington director of said. That could prove an easier task for liberal activists than, as Wikler put it, “convincing Republicans they’re in political danger” if they vote to overturn Obamacare…

Veteran Democratic strategist Jesse Ferguson said the ongoing controversy over Trump aides’ previously undisclosed contacts with Russian officials, itself a major topic of town-hall protests over last month’s recess, will help stoke opposition to Gorsuch.

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