Women have "chick flicks." What about men?

As has been true forever, the person with the power takes the noun — and the norm — while the less powerful requires an adjective. Thus, my fellow passenger was left with only half a guide.

Bias is, as always, unfair to everyone. Inspired by the blood-and-guts, monosyllabic war movie that had taken us off the tarmac and into the air, I realized the answer by the time of arrival. The opposite of a “chick flick” is a “prick flick.”

Not only would this term serve movie marketers well, it would add to the lexicon of literary critics. For example, it could characterize a lot of contemporary fiction — works from Philip Roth and Bret Easton Ellis, for example — as well as the plays of David Mamet. It could also guide readers to preferred nonfiction, from the classics of Freud to the collected radio ravings of Rush Limbaugh and the tweets of Donald Trump.

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