Trump shows happiness by going quiet

Like the speech Trump gave Tuesday night, Wednesday seemed relatively normal for a White House often enmeshed in controversy. And because the speech was generating such positive press, the White House made a deliberate shift in strategy to keep a low profile — an attempt, after weeks of attacks and heated rhetoric, to avoid even a minor controversy.

The president, according to several people who spoke to him, was quite pleased after weeks of displeasure over his news coverage and unexpected frustrations as he settles into the White House. A president who obsesses over his news clippings, he liked the television coverage and didn’t grow angry at the post-speech articles — a rare occurrence since he moved to Washington. He called friends and associates to ask what they’d heard, while recounting praise others had given him about the speech.

Staff told Trump people were saying good things. And the famously fidgety president, never shy about touting public measures of his success, opted not to tweet about positive overnight reviews from pollsters, focus groups and the mainstream media he so often maligns. He still wanted to talk about his performance, but was content to enjoy the praise privately.

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