Which leads us to the anti-anti-Trumpers. There’s an emerging group of conservatives who seem reluctant to criticize Trump, but who aren’t particularly interested in defending him, directly. Instead, they tend to focus on the media reaction to Trump and the antics of the left. I think my friend Mollie Hemingway is a good example here.

Just as an objective matter, the mainstream media has been pretty awful on the subject of Trump. They’ve rushed out stories they shouldn’t have. They’ve airbrushed history, taking after Trump for policies they had no problem with under Obama. They’ve hyperventilated with outrageous charges.

And the professional left is even worse. They seem incapable of understanding that the real Donald Trump is worrisome enough that they don’t have to conjure up an imaginary Trump to oppose. It’s crying wolf. And it’s not helpful, either to the country at large or totheir own political/ideological cause.

Here’s why I get the anti-anti-Trumpers: I do not like Milo Yiannopoulos. At all. He’s the worst sort of carnival barker and if he didn’t have a British accent, conservatives would understand that he’s nothing more than an attention-whore who has single white femaled Ann Coulter’s career—without bothering to learn anything first, unlike Coulter—and gotten rich by hurting conservatism. Not everyone the left hates is an ally of conservatives. Some of them are simply jerks. Just look at Donald Sterling.

I say this not to pile on, but as a way of proving my anti-Yiannopoulos bona fides. And with all that said, go read this hit piece on the guy from the smarty-pants liberal magazine the Pacific Standard and try not to root for him. You’ll succeed, I suspect. Yiannopoulos is that loathsome. But the attack is so overwrought and laden with identity-politics BS that it’s a close call. So I understand the place where anti-anti-Trumpism is coming from.

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