ObamaCare repeal faces obstacles in House, not just in Senate

The most conservative House members are pushing for a fast repeal of the health law with only a bare-bones replacement to follow, possibly just bigger incentives for people to open health savings accounts to fund their own health needs. Other Republicans are more interested in taking their time to come up with a replacement plan that, as of now, they have failed to cobble together beyond a menu of options.

Among the increasingly concerned Republicans are those who represent the 24 congressional districts that Hillary Clinton won in the presidential election — roughly the numerical edge Republicans hold over Democrats in the House — and another dozen in districts that President Barack Obama took in 2012 but President Trump won in November. If 25 conservative hard-liners oppose any robust replacement plan, and 30 swing-district House members demand a more generous plan, passage of a compromise bill will be in jeopardy…

Representative Scott Taylor, Republican of Virginia, when asked about a House Republican health care plan that would not provide maternity coverage, said he would push for such coverage to be included in any replacement plan, one of many examples where Republicans are likely to divide on policy and provisions. “There’s discussion,” Mr. Taylor said of the plan promoted by the House speaker, Paul Ryan. “It’s not set in stone yet.”

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