“But now the fear – no, dread – is everywhere”

The Mexican native, who declined to use her full name out of fear of retribution, runs a jewelry store in Los Angeles with her husband. Olga always believed that if she kept her head down, worked hard, and stayed out of trouble, she would be OK.

“But now the fear – no, dread – is everywhere,” Olga told BuzzFeed News.

In addition to laying out new enforcement priorities, the memos from Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly calls for hiring thousands more immigration agents, starting plans for a US-Mexico border wall, and expediting deportation proceedings — a plan that immigrant rights advocates say is lays the foundation for the deportation force President Trump promised on the campaign trail.

“They’re not only going after criminals now, they’re going after innocent people who have dedicated their lives to their jobs and kids,” Olga told BuzzFeed News.

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