“I was an avid CNN person. But … you could see which way they were swaying"

Some of Trump’s supporters told BuzzFeed News that their media consumption habits changed during the campaign.

One supporter told BuzzFeed News that she was turned off by a changed media landscape. “Our local paper fell apart,” she said, and too many outlets rush to be first. Now, she said, she watches Right Side Broadcasting — a mostly YouTube channel that gained prominence by streaming every Trump campaign rally — and “watched MSNBC [on election night] because I wanted to see them whine.”

Another supporter told BuzzFeed News he either gets his news from C-SPAN — which mostly airs the workings of government without commentary — and the Kremlin-backed Russia Today, now known as RT.

Other supporters said they got their news from Facebook — recently embroiled in a controversy over promoting fake news — the National Enquirer, and Dennis Michael Lynch, who openly promotes news favorable to Trump.

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