Why the left suddenly thinks Teen Vogue is a great news source

2016 was supposed to be the year Hillary Clinton broke the glass ceiling. A prevailing question on the Left on November 9 was “What do I tell my daughter now?” Hundreds of thousands of women have protested in Washington and other cities since the inauguration. This backdrop made Teen Vogue’s rise to prominence possible. Trump wasn’t stopped by mainstream media, but will be challenged by woke women who aren’t going to take it anymore.

But Teen Vogue isn’t really breaking any news. It is only repackaging it as partisan opinion pieces posing as news. Frankly, Trump didn’t win because news outlets failed to call him a liar. They called him one over and over. Many Americans heard it, believed it, and voted for him anyway. They looked the other way at his lies and indelicate statements because they believed he had their best interests at heart and could get things done.

Pretending that Teen Vogue is the new Woodward and Bernstein is a great story. But it’s not true, and telling it is not an effective way to fight President Trump. It is just another round of the kind of identity (this time gender) warfare that helped lead to Trump to begin with.

The sad state of affairs we see on the Left today has adults literally looking to a magazine for teenagers for news because it is the only source, for now, with sloppy enough standards to tell them only what they want to hear. That isn’t just bad for the Left, it’s bad for America.

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